Monday, August 23, 2010

Knit me, knit me

Hello blog, long time no see. I've done quite a bit of knitting over the past two years, but at a more relaxed pace than previously. I've even got to the point where I can make a train journey or go away for a night without taking any knitting with me.
But now I can feel it all coming back. Possibly inspired by an unexpected delight. I had 500g of alpaca dk and did a circular shawl (Elizabeth Zimmerman, Knitter's Almanac). I  made up the stitches as I went along and because it was on a circular needle and in a dark colour looked like a big soggy bag. Until I cast it off and blocked it when it metomorphised into the most beautiful thing I've ever made. (My camera isn't working unfortunately so can't show - hopeless.)
On Thurs I was driving past Colinette during office hours, and found myself pulling in. Bought 600g of Graffiti from the sale and by Sunday morning I'd finished the sweater. Nothing at all fancy, raglan sleeves, knit in the round, but I felt that driving desire to be knitting.