Monday, September 01, 2008

New home

We've moved - now living in beautiful south Shropshire instead of less beautiful north London.
So far, so good. We are renting our house in London and renting here for now. The house feels great at the moment but it's huge, and probably very drafty and expensive to heat in winter. So I've been knitting busily - chunky sweaters, reversable double layer hats etc. In fact I'm wearing the chunky sweater today, and it's only Sept 1st - in Colinette graffiti. Knitted in the round, with Raglan sleeves, from Ann Budd's sweater pattern book.
Another FO is this - minimalist cardigan from Interweave Knits (photographed while still in London). I had to knit the sleeves twice, 2nd time with smaller needles and fewer stitches, as they came out much too loose the first time. The cuffs still aren't tight enough to stay up, but it's ok. I love the look of moss stitch but it's a bit tedious to knit.
I also finished Cozy in some red Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk aran from my ebay stash. No pictures yet - it's for older daughter Rose who is moving to Edinburgh later this month. She's travelling back from Spain today and due to arrive here tomorrow - her first visit. Hopefully I'll get a shot of her draped in it before she takes it away.
I know I've been a hopeless blogger lately, but it does seem to be something people come and go with. I've got right out of the habit of taking pictures, which doesn't help. But perhaps now life is a bit less stressful I'll feel more inspired...