Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lions in the high street

It's the Michaelmas Fair this weekend. Unfortunately we won't be here (Ellen needs to be moved to her new student house in Canterbury, plus a 50th birthday party and 40th wedding anniversary party down there in the south). But Trevor has been helping with the preparations. I only took pictures of a few of the banners, but they're all the way up the high street. I don't know why so many houses have flag poles - including ours.
We're both working quite hard, but have to take our doggie out for a walk each day so we're discovering all the beautiful possibilities. It's a good time of year too. Today I found these windfalls. They'd fallen in some nettles so hardly any bruises and no maggots.
Also couldn't resist doing a bit wool-gathering out there in the fields. I can't spin but thought I'd have a go with a drop spindle. Also got some black Welsh tops because I thought it would be easier to be a beginner spinner with professionally prepared fibre, and a pair of mini-carders to prepare my gathered wool. I've made a start with the tops and got a little ball of about 3 meters - I'll take a picture when I've done a bit more.
I've been doing some knitting too. Rose liked her Cozy and has taken it away to Edinburgh.
Anticipating cold weather I've made some reversable (and double layered) hats, from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I did this one in sock wool so it took ages, but it's not as bulky as the others.
Finally here's my latest passion - an Anglo Concertina. After Shrewsbury Folk Festival I decided I really wanted to learn an instrument. I've been practising fairly regularly and I'm quite pleased with the way it's going. It's called Rochelle and it's a cheap Chinese job but it makes a good sound, and I love the way it feels when you push and draw the bellows - as if it's breathing, and giving voice.