Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've been exploring Ravelry. I think it's brilliant that you can look up a pattern, and see dozens of examples of how it has been knitted up by different people in different yarns. And you get people's tips too.
I got past the first pattern repeat on the back of the tweedy aran cardi and then saw the minimalist cardigan on Knitting Daily, and felt it would give me a nice rest. I'm using Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk which I bought from Jannette's on ebay ages ago. It's finer than the yarn in the pattern, so I'm getting the right gauge but the fabric is a bit airier.

Finished one of Rose's jitterbug socks. I tried to do the toe up socks from Interweave Knits, but just couldn't decypher the cast on instructions. Anyway I've got more than half the yarn left by weight for the second sock so it shouldn't run out.

Also cast on my first lace project which is the Cat's Paw scarf from Northern Lace. I thought I'd be kind to myself and do my first project in 4 ply rather than lace weight.

And I've invented something! I liked the look of the so-called scarf and started knitting it up. But the fabric it made was very thick and cushiony, and I didn't think it would drape well. Also it had a distinct right and wrong side which also seems to me to be a disadvantage for a scarf. So I converted the stitch pattern for knitting in the round and made a headband. I loved it, so I made another, and another and another. Now I have five, and Ellen has already snaffled one.
I think it would also work well for a hat. It's very substantial but also stretchy in all directions.

Just back from another little trip to Bishops Castle. I really like it there, and we're now looking for somewhere to rent as we're not optimistic about being able to sell our house quickly. Ellen seems to have come round to the idea, and the girls will still be able to stay at their dad's who lives about ten minutes walk from where we live here in London.