Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Been busy knitting and frogging if not blogging. I succombed to temptation on ebay recently and bought 800 grams of sock wool from Germany. I'm really pleased with it - unlike most self-striping sock wool I've tried this actually feels and smells like wool. I like the colours too.
Here are Ellen's socks

And mine.

There's a bit of yarn left over so I've started a baby pair.

I like knitting socks, and wearing them, but for some reason I don't feel at all tempted to branch out into fancier sock patterns. I suppose this yarn is so fancy, anything other than a simple pattern would be too much.
I've just started a new pair in Colinette Jitterbug for Rose. The colour is Blue Parrot, which will match a jumper I knitted for her a couple of years ago and which is still going strong. Have read all the warnings about this yarn running our before the toes are done, so will do a short cuff - 4"?

I used up a lot of scraps on this shawl for Ellen. As you can see we're all quite into loud colours in our family.

This is Rose in her Wavy scarf and matching hat. You can't really see the waves in this picture, and because the yarn was thicker and I knit loosely anyway the design isn't as obvious. But I still like it and so does she. The yarn was from Handpainted Yarn.

The latest project is the Tweedy Aran Cardigan. I've got a few rows further on since I took this picture - now into the pattern proper, beyond the edging. Much harder than anything I've attempted before I think it will take me years and years to finish and I may well go mad or die in the process. I'm using Rowan Yorkshire Tweed which I got on ebay a while ago. It's thicker than the yarn suggested in the pattern and I'm a loose knitter so I'm knitting the smallest size hoping it will come out about 20% bigger. So far the measurements seem roughly ok.

I've also acheived closure on the project I was finishing this time last year - TC's cartridge ridge jumper. It never really fitted him properly and it has just been sitting on a shelf waiting for the moths so I frogged it. Read on Knitting Daily that the best thing to do was wind the yarn into balls as you rip it out, then wind it into skeins, then wash and dry it to get the curl out.
This was made in two yarns held together, and there's about a kilo of it altogether. I'd like to separate out the two yarns again, but can't think how to do this. Would very much welcome any suggestions.

Finally, first socks I ever knitted which were kind of bulky bed socks got accidentally put in the washing machine. Disaster. But the other day I was wondering how to keep the coffee in my mini-cafitiere warm while it brewed - and lo, my dear felted sock came to mind. With a slit for the handle, and a hole for the plunger, it's almost perfect for the job.