Saturday, November 17, 2007

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging much is that I keep forgetting to take pictures of my projects. I've finished three projects and given them away without photographing them. The most recent was a lacy scarf made from Debbie Bliss silk which I posted this week to Georgia (the place in a state of emergency). It's a real shame I didn't take a picture as Rose, my daughter, said it was the most beautiful thing I'd made so far - and I don't even know if it will ever arrive at its destination! It's for Ketevan, a woman I stayed with in Tbilisi for a week in October.
I've been messing around with a couple of other things - one is a fairisle sampler which I'm making up as I go along. It's a tube, and the original idea was for a tubular scarf as Elizabeth Zimmerman suggests. It will be an extremely warm scarf though, as on the patterns bits there will be four thicknesses of wool. The yarn is jumper weight from Jamieson and Smith. I ordered it online but used Schoolhouse website to choose the colours. Schoolhouse distribute Jamieson and Smith in the US and the colours are much clearer on their site.
This is another tube, which I'm calling a legwarmer. It's plain and unshaped apart from a 20st lace panel, called Staggered Fern, from The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches. Now, faced with the choice of chopping one of my legs off or knitting another, I've started a second. The yarn 4 ply is from Natural Dye Studio.
The third wip is a crocheted blanket for my little Ellen (please don't tell I called her that!) Based on a pattern from Simple Crochet it's in strips of staggered (more staggering...) blocks of colour. I'm putting in the odd granny square at Ellen's request. The idea was to use up some of the Latvian wool in my stash. It's not really soft enough for a blanket though - especially in this knobbly triple crochet stitch - feels more like a string bag. I suppose it will be ok used as an afghan, draped over the back of a chair or something.
Another piece of knitting news is that we had a knit-and-sing evening here. Eight knitting friends came round including daughter Rose (who has moved out and now shares a house with a couple of friends) and her friend Alice. The group included someone who wanted to learn how to cast on, someone who brought a jumper she'd started for her son when he was two - and he's now 25, and one very accomplished knitter who was working on a beautiful entrelac blanket for the baby she's expecting. The cast-on-learner, Lucy, taught us a couple of lovely songs. It was difficult to concentrate on both at once though, so I think maybe next time we'd need to do the song-learning before the knitting, then could sing them confidently as we knitted. We're planning to have another session in the new year.