Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thanks for the commiserations about the train incident. I hope that's something you do only once - I've been very careful since.
It's been very exciting reading about Woolfest. It does sound wonderful, and I'd love to go next year. Couldn't do it this time, partly because Ellen was returning from her three months of travelling round South America on the Friday. She came back safe and sound with hardly a negative experience to report and I think really benefited from the trip. It's persuaded me she can look after herself too, so I try not to worry so much when I'm not sure where she is. (Well she is 19.) Here she is in the Atacama Desert in Chile, in a hat knitted by mum. Apparently it was dawn, below freezing, and the egg she's eating was cooked in a hot water geezer spouting out of the ground.

I've got a few knitting projects on the go. First, I finished another pair of socks. They're getting better every time, as you'd hope, but they're still a little on the saggy side. I know Elizabeth Zimmerman suggests 2x2 rib and I've done that right down the cuff and on the top part of the foot on the pair I'm currently knitting. I like to think these latest ones are the sort of socks that could be found in a peat bog in a million years time (yes I know it's rather optimistic to assume the planet will still support intellegent life then..). They're made from some robust Latvian wool I bought from Inita on ebay. I'm really pleased with this wool which is great value at £1.75 per 100g, and have been back twice for more already. I held a thread of nylon with the wool for the heel and toe, as suggested by E.Zimmerman.

I'm also making a cabled cardigan from some yarn bought from the Knitting and Stitching show last year. It was advertised as wool, and I naively assumed that meant pure wool. It's not, but it's OK. This time I'm trying to do some waist shaping. Here's the back.

I've nearly finished a mobius in Colinette Sky. It's for a friend I've known since we were at school together 40 years ago who is having a challenging time at the moment. Hope she likes it.

Off to York on Thursday for Rose's graduation ceremony. It's funny - in my day we shunned that sort of thing completely but apparently it's de rigeur now, even the among the rebelious ones like Rose. Must try not to leave the knitting on the train...