Thursday, June 21, 2007

Clickety click

I hate this picture, despite the cherries and hollyhocks - I look like a mean (and shapeless) person. But felt I had to show you that I'd done some knitting and finished the jumper . I hope one day I will graduate to proper, designed garments knitted from real patterns but for now I still enjoy just making a back, front and two sleeves from interesting yarn and sewing them all together.

I suffered a severe setback when I left my knitting on a train last month. I was on the second sock of a pair, and also had a half-finished scarf in the bag made from Debbie Bliss silk yarn. I got off the train at Euston and left it under the seat. I hoped it would turn up in lost property but it didn't which made me think the train cleaner must have thought it was rubbish and binned it!
I made another pair of socks though, which I'm wearing right now.
I'm beginning to see why so many people knit socks - they are very satisfying aren't they? the main problem in the past has been dropping stitches but I've now swapped my short Britannia birch needles for a pair of Surina 2mm which are 7" long and easier to work with for me.

I've been busy with singing. My choir (I don't mention its name on the blog any more because I'm shy about people I know reading it - and the choir has such an unusual name that anyone doing a search ended up here) took part in the Singing River performance to mark the reopening of the Royal Festival Hall in London. We were on the pontoon - it was really good fun but very tiring as we had two weekends of rehearsals followed by a dress rehearsal and two performances, all ending at midnight.

Anyway while I was on the south bank I found a really interesting old book on traditional fairisle knitting (by Sheila McGregor) on one of the second hand book stalls. I think the next project might be a simple fairisle something - probably a hat. I've also started a cable cardigan using some yarn I got at the knitting and stitching show. It's a lovely colour, but I'm pretty sure it contains acrylic, though it was sold as wool.

If you happen to see the film Taking Liberties, which is around now, I'm in it!. There's a little interview in our kitchen with my daughters, my ex and me about the girls' arrest and treatment by the police after their climate change protest last year.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.