Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hello, I'm still here. Work has been very busy, and I've also joined a gym after the physiotherapist suggested I did something to strengthen my arms and shoulders. He suggested yoga, pilates or swimming and as this women-only gym at the bottom of my road does all three it seemed a good idea though a great big extra expense. I already get quite a lot of exercise walking the dog, and now I'm going swimming most days as well.
I've also had a couple of weekends away. TC and I went to Aldborough, got a bargain room in the very nice White Lion hotel, and went for long walks along the beach, and on Dunwich Heath.
We also had our choir's annual weekend away at the Ridegeway youth hostel near Wantage in Oxfordshire. 48 hours of singing fabulous Georgian folk songs and feasting on Georgian food, cooked for us by two Georgian women. Lovely.
Knitting is going OK. I made two moebiuses, one for Rose - matching her hat. The other one I made from my favourite yarn, One Zero from Colinette, in my current favourite Colinette colour Venezia. I've been wearing it a lot, indoors and out, and it has been getting lots of attention from non-knitters who know about moebiuses.
I've also got to the final sleeve of TC's cartridge ridge jumper. It's his birthday on March 22 so I have got a deadline, and there is quite a lot of making up to do because it's big (and heavy).
Last but not least I've (almost) made a proper sock! When I first started knitting, last year, I ordered a sock kit from Web of Wool and have had numerous frustrating and failed attempts at knitting it up. What made the difference this time was that I finally bought myself a pair of reading/knitting glasses so I can actually focus on the work. I really like the look and feel of it and have been thinking I'd like a hat made of this sort of fine, self-striping yarn. Still got the toe-grafting to tackle though - and the other sock of course...