Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back in business

BBC NEWS | England | Merseyside | Knitted breasts help new mothers

This is going to be a rag bag of a post. First, I didn't knit these but aren't they sweet?

I am knitting again though. My frozen shoulder seems to have gone into the second phase, which is stiff but much less tender than the first phase. I picked up the needles to have another go at TC's jumper - cartridge rib in dark green on 4mm needles. He's a tall man too, so there was a lot of it. I'd already negotiated to downsize it from a jumper to a waistcoat (partly because I wasn't sure the yarn would last out) and managed to knit the back. But when I cast on the front I knew I'd never finish it. It was so boring. He was nice about it, but I could see he was a bit disappointed. And then I had an idea. I frogged back the hours and hours of work on the back and started again with 7.5 needles, using the same yarn but knitted together with some black Rowan Yorkshire Tweed from my stash. I love the look of these two yarns together, and the chunkiness of the fabric. And it's growing so fast! It's a saddle shouldered sweater from Ann Budd's Handy Sweater Patterns book - I've done the back already and this is the first sleeve. A bonus is that I now definitely have enough yarn for the whole sweater.
I'm also knitting my first Mobius, having read about them on Anne's and Kath's blogs. I bought Cat Bordhi's book about knitting Mobiuses, then looked far and wide for a long enough circular needle (120cm - from Heirloom Knitting) and after several abortive attempts finally acheived the special moebius cast on last night. It's really strange - you're knitting in a spiral, outward from a central spine, so you never come back to your starting point as you do with normal circular knitting. She explains why the result (a Mobius shape) is different from deliberately twisting a piece of circular knitting, but my poor brain hasn't been able to grasp it yet.

Finally here's a picture taken this morning from my bedroom window. Quite an unusual sight here in in Hackney.