Friday, January 26, 2007

Small steps

Still quiet on the knitting front. Rose, my student daughter who lives in York, has had her hair cut short. It really suits her, but her hats no longer do so I made her a short hair hat - small enough to show off the new hair line.
Also finished the tea cosy. The knitting was done ages ago but I finally get round to measuring the tea pot and sewing it up with the right sized holes in the right places. The pompoms look very jolly, but I didn't find them much fun to make - threading a very long piece of wool through a doughnut-shaped piece of cardboard lots and lots and lots of times. Does anyone know a less tedious method? Importantly this tea cosy does really works. Because of all the strands of wool across the back it keeps the tea hot for ages.
Ellen, my younger daughter, asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. Unfortunately the one we bought turned out to be broken and we didn't get the replacement until half way through January but since then she's been busy re-structuring most of her clothes.
I have almost no sewing skill but I do have an old machine, and as I can't do much knitting I dug it out, inspired by her. I've done a few little jobs like making a sausage shaped draft excluder from and old curtain, and I've bought a 12 yard bolt of cotton fabric (£10 from my local market) and a little "how to sew"picture book, and I'm now making an ultra-basic top from a pattern.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Not much blogging going on because not much to blog about - I'm still doing very little knitting, because of my shoulder. I have finished my Lizard Ridge cushion cover though.
It's 26x26", with four squares on each side plus a crocheted border. I thought about lining it, but I think it fits better without a lining. I also took the easy way out by leaving one side loosely stitched for washing purposes instead of trying to put in a zip.
I know it looks a bit much on the Turkish rug but it is nice to lounge on beside the fire.