Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Return of the hat

We went to the climate change protest on Saturday. I was wearing my Woolly Wormhead beret, the one in the profile picture. I bumped into a friend, Hilary, who asked if I would make her one - but she wanted autumn colours with lime green. This is not a colour I would ever buy for myself, but miraculously when I got home and had a look at my stash I found that Handpainted Yarn had sent me a free gift of worsted weight merino which fitted the bill. I remember thinking when I opened it that I'd never use it, so there you go. And here it is, the first hat I've made for a couple of months. Really enjoyed it and will be giving it to her in exchange for some Icelandic wool she gave me when she cleared her parents attic recently. I used some on Sunday to make this hat for Ellen (sorry the picture is a bit blurred). She specified the details and I made up the pattern as I went along. It's a bit messy, but she seems to like it.
On the way back from the climate change demo we went through Regents Park which for anyone who doesn't know it is the most urban of city parks. I've been amazed before to see herons there - and managed to get a picture this time.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Lizard selection

Haven't posted lately because not much of interest has been happening. Tea cosy, TC's jumper and my jumper are still confirmed wips and growing very slowly. I knew Lizard Ridge was going to be a long job, but I'm nearly a quarter way through.
I've been pretty busy with work, especially with my work web site which I do myself with occasional advice from a techie friend. I'd like to show it off but it's got my home address on it (which is also my business address) and I would feel vulnerable if all the personal information about me here was linked to an identifiable person, name and address and all.
The frozen shoulder is quite painful. I went to see someone last weekend for a session of Bowen Technique which I'd never heard of before. She hasn't cured it but it definitely has changed in some way so I'm going back tonight. Clutching at straws possibly, but conventional medicine doesn't seem to offer anything much.
Sold my car yesterday to the son of a friend. We bought an oldish camper van in the summer which we've converted to LPG which is more environmentally friendly and cheaper than petrol, and as I almost never drive in London anyway there was no point in having two vehicles. We took the van to Dorset last weekend, put up the awning for the first time which was exciting, and walked on the coastal path near Corfe Castle which was beautiful.