Thursday, September 14, 2006


TC's jumper is progressing very slowly. In fact I'm barely half way up the back which is the first piece. Took it to Cambridge last weekend where my choir were rehearsing for our forthcoming trip to the Republic of Georgia. Combination of not enough light and too much talking and wine meant I kept having to rip it back which was very tedious. I'm going to persevere though. Someone described the stitch pattern as hunky, so Hunky is the jumper's name now.
I've started another very simple sweater, again using the Anne Budd book. It's circular, with rolling edges, so it's just knit every row. Not boring because you don't have to concentrate - being on a circular needle it's in a very confined space and stitches don't drop off much. I've even been experimenting with reading while knitting.
I finished the beret. So at last know how many stitches to cast on with 5mm needles in Colinette One Zero to get a hat that fits me.
Have also started a tea cosy - the same one that used to grace the front page of yarnstorm though mine certainly won't look as perfect as Jane's.
So I'm off to Tbilisi, Georgia for eleven days on September 23. It's very exciting - I've been singing Georgian folk songs for nearly seven years now and this is my first visit to the country. (I've linked to an example of Georgian polyphony on the sidebar if anyone's interested!) Not sure what to take knitting-wise. We'll be sitting round listening to other choirs quite a lot so there should be plenty of opportunity. I suppose Hunky is the obvious choice, but it's not very pretty. Unfortunately I've developed something called Frozen Shoulder - apparently it can take three years to heal and there's not much you can do in the meant time. It's not too bad during the day (though I gather it might get a lot worse) but really hurts at night, and wakes me up. Poo.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Long haul

is finished, and a new big project has begun. It's a jumper for TC. He finds it difficult to find jumpers to fit - in fact none of his jumpers do fit properly - because he is very slightly built and thin, but he's tall with very long legs. So they either swamp him around the shoulders or they look much too short. This is in cartridge rib and the pattern is from Anne Budd's book of basic sweater patterns. I really like the book because you can pick whatever yarn you like, knit it to whatever gauge you like, and customise the jumper in any way you can think of. I got the yarn from Ebay. It's pure wool and came from Ireland in a great big 600 gram hank - bargain for £12 I thought. Just hope there's going to be enough of it to finish the jumper - if it starts to look doubtful I suppose I can do a stripe round the chest or something.
I like the cartridge rib because it doesn't involve purling - just knit 3, slip a stitch purl-wise. (I'm a "continental" knitter and purling is fiddly.) Even so it is too boring to do all the time so I'm making another (you'll be amazed) beret. It's in Colinette One Zero - I love this colour and the way the yarn looks when it's knitted up.
Thanks to Kendra I've been listening to Pride and Prejudice while knitting. She told me about Librivox where you can download recordings of books that are in the public domain - i.e. old enough for the copyright to have expired. They are read by volunteers which is quite fun. So one chapter might be read by a woman from Alabama, the next by a bloke from Scotland and the next by a woman in Tokyo. In fact most of the readers are from the US. I thought I might have a go if I can avoid sitting in front of the computer while I'm reading.