Monday, July 24, 2006


... well, something vaguely related to socks anyway. It was this that gave me the confidence to tackle my first pair. The instructions allow for knitting them in worsted weight wool, but I'm such a loose knitter that even though I went down a needle size they are still, as you can see, rather roomy. Fine for cold nights in bed though.

We had a little tea party this afternoon with the new tea set. Ellen has just returned from Spain, and Rose and Susan are down from York for a few days. They made cucumber and egg and cress sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and scones with jam and cream. Notice the chintzy cake stand and teapot - I should have been born 200 years ago.
Talking of which someone lent me an "audio book" of Jane Austin's Emma which I listened to while knitting the socks. I've really missed reading since I took up knitting and have decided the answer could be more books on tapes and cds. Must visit the library and see what they've got.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Just one more thing

I went to north Wales last week to visit my father on his 84th birthday, and we got to talking about afternoon tea. We'd both read this . Anyway his talk about the pleasure of drinking tea out of bone china planted a seed of yearning in me. And when I got back I had a look (a close look) on ebay for some kit.
This morning this came. There are six of those little cups, saucers and tea plates and two of the big plates - to me they are exquisite. Of course I had to go out and buy some special afternoon-blend tea and have been drinking little cups of it since lunchtime. The cakes were supposed to be rock cakes but as you can see they came out more like paving slabs. Still tasty though.

I've been hat-knitting and forgetfully gave one hat away to my daughter Rose's girlfriend Susan without taking a picture first. But here's one I did in Colinette One Zero. I've also been reading Elizabeth Zimmermann and had a go at knitting the hat on the cover of Knitting without Tears which is in Brioche stitch. Certainly more fun than k2p2.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Over and out

I'm wishing a fond farewell to this blog for the time being - not enough time to maintain it properly - but I'll still be visiting other peoples. And I'll keep my photo gallery updated.
Thanks for visiting - see you soon on your blog.